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Please take a moment to review the various scopes we specialize in and feel free to contact anyone of our Al Haitham team members who will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you with your projects.

Water Proofing

Al Haitham General Maintenance and Insulation Material Company and their trained professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience in the functionality, installation and performance of waterproofing, caulking and moisture protection systems for commercial & industrial construction projects. AL Haitham is committed to provide a complete waterproofing system for your project & to ensure that it is done right the first time!

Sheet Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Sheet applied waterproofing system is designed to provide waterproofing protection for below grade foundation walls, slab, plaza decks and tunnels. The system consists of the self-adhering membrane, primer for surface preparation, a liquid membrane for detailing, mastic to seal termination points and drainage composites to protect the waterproofing system and provide water management, and Torch waterproofing membrane with all type (APP, SBS, Anti root Geo membrane) for Substructure, wet area & Roof.

Pile Head Treatment

Pile head protection & encapsulation system with all kind of cement & epoxy base , the pile head system comprises of 3 layers application , whereby the pile head is repaired , waterproofed and protected from chloride and sulphate attacks on the reinforcement and the passage of water from the ground to the substructure .

Injection Hose & Compartment System

All type of injection epoxy & polyurethane type in construction joint and other , with full system hydrophilic rubber based on polyurethane to compartment the Basement on parts with very high quality fixation system .

Hot Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Hot applied waterproofing is a single component rubberized asphalt compound that cures to form a strong, flexible, fully adhered, monolithic waterproofing and roofing membrane. The system typically comprises a double layer of membrane reinforced between layers applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces, to ensure that water will not migrate beneath the membrane in the event of physical damage. Hot applied systems are used on roof terraces, split slab construction for plaza decks and green roof systems.

Deck Coating Systems

Deck coating systems serve to protect the structure by waterproofing the concrete substrate while providing an attractive wearing surface. Deck coating systems meet the requirements of projects from condominium balconies to high traffic vehicular decks. The system consists of a durable, skid-resistant wearing surface and a waterproofing layer, which protects the above grade decks from the damaging effects of water and chlorine ion penetration, thereby preventing the water from penetrating the spaces below.

Internal Lining waterproofing Water Tank

Water tank internal waterproofing cement base crystalline system , it’s very easy to apply and approved from WED department , Non Toxic , Crack bridging , Flexible , protects reinforced concrete with special team to fixation .


Light Weight Concrete

The Foam Concrete on Roof as Concentrated Foaming agent for cement systems as also insulation part on roof system , it’s doing with our special machine to get the best top smooth surface and rich density , to slope on all drainage point .

Semi Rigid Insulation

Semi rigid insulation is a higher density fiberglass or mineral wool insulation. This material is commonly used behind spandrel glass panels to provide increased R-value to the exterior building envelope.

Rigid Insulation

Most commonly used rigid insulation is either expanded/extruded polystyrene board or polyisocyanurate board insulation. This product is predominantly used as thermal insulation on concrete block walls in institutional buildings or freezer/refrigeration units .


Filter membrane geotextile to protect the membrane & rigid insulation with all types .

Mastic Sealant

All type of sealant, polysulphide , polyurethane , acrylic , bitumen and epoxy sealants , included backing rod , with very high quality specification , highly resilient with excellent recovery characteristics .

Tiling & Aluminum Flashing

All type of roofing tiles terrazzo , cement & precast with very high quality fixer masons to get all the roof on one level , included metal aluminum flashing on parapet as termination of waterproofing .

MULTICARE ROOFING SYSTEM ( 25 Years guarantee )

The Multicare Roofing System is based on the latest polyurethane technology, the rigid closed cell construction in the foam forms an impermeable waterproofing and insulation layer which has a high thermal resistance .

Multicare roofing system” is a joint insulation and waterproofing process. The monolithic layer has no joints ensuring a 100 % NO Water seepage.

System guarantee 25 YEARS .